March 10, 2019

Living a Fantastic Life

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Life is what you make it

It is only fitting that the first article on my personal website would be about what makes me, well me. First, this is not the first piece of content I have created.

All of my other content lives or lived over at The Sales Lion, Impact Brand & Design, or Impulse Creative websites. I have written tons of article, created many videos, and produced & recorded hundreds of podcasts. So why my personal blog? Why now?

Because there are things that I’m feeling led to talk about that might not be a good fit for the sites or their audience.

To completely frank with you, I may only be writing for myself.

I am not focusing on SEO best practices.

I am only slightly concerned with proper grammar and spelling.

My goal is to get the thoughts, stories, and rants from my brain to the page so that whoever sees it as a fit, can consume it.

That’s it it’s that simple.

Now, on to the 4 tips that I promised in the title.


If you are trying to be great in the digital age these 4 tips will really help you.

Notice, I did not say a great marketer, sales person, CEO.


Just simply help you be a better as a person.

By the way, the four tips we are about to discuss, are focused on being ….



No one likes a sourpuss. If you are walking around all day with your head hung low, the chances of you being great, are slim to none.

So, if this is you, how to you change.

The way I have been able to stay happy almost 99.79% of the time. (A completely made up number by the way.)

Was to come from a place of gratitude. When you look around the world, most of us are super blessed.

But, some of our blessing meters are out of wack.

What I mean by that is that I am blessed by the following:

  • Leaves turning color
  • A soft breeze on a summer day
  • The smile on my children’s faces
  • Having the right change for a smoothie at Smoothie King

Notice that list did not have items like:

  • Winning a million dollars
  • Purchasing a new car
  • Going on a cruise

However, I do love a good cruise now and then. My point is find gratitude in the small things of life.

Then write them down each day in a journal.

Focus on them.

It always amazes me the more I focus on being happy, the happier I seem to be.


George B Thomas - HubSpot

We all are trying to get somewhere in life.

Many of you have heard the saying climbing the corporate ladder.

How many people have you stepped on to do it?

I think there is a better way. I think adding value to every situation by being helpful is key to digital success.

There is a very sophisticated nerdy term for why this works. It is called reciprocity.

Just know this. The more you give back to the world, the more the world want’s to give back to you.

Stated another way, good things happen to helpful people.

Every day wake up and start the day thinking, how can I be the most helpful person on the planet.

Then go out into the world and do it.


Have you ever met that cocky person that grates your nerves? When I was younger I heard a great saying about EGO.

I was told that is stood for Edging God Out.

Made sense to me since I use to have a huge EGO problem.

As a matter of fact, it took a motorcycle accident and almost dying to straighten my out.

If you see me at an event, ask me about it and I will share how at 22 not being able to pull your own pants up can be a humbling experience.

I think about that time in my life when I start to get too big for my britches and immediately pull back on the reins of life.

Once was enough for me. I have no desire to be broken like that again.

So, how do you stay humble?

To tell you the truth, I am not sure what to tell you.

Maybe find a time and hold fast to it.

Possibly set up an accountability partner that can give you a signal when you start acting like a douchebag.

Never the less put something in place to stay humble.


Unless you are an alien. Are you?

If so, I would love to meet you.

Sorry, I digress.

This one is so simple yet so many people miss it.

Just be you.

Be the best you that you can possibly be.

I guess this one is easier if you get the first three tips on lockdown.

George B Thomas Thumbs Up

So many people out there are trying to be like someone they are not.

Some celebrity, some sports start, some marketing guru.


Just be you, the planet will thank you for it.

What are your thoughts? Have any of these 4 tips been hard for you to achieve in the past? How will you change moving forward?

I would love to know.

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