April 21, 2019

Bad Event Emcee: 3 Signs You are About to Hire a Dud!

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In a world where almost everyone wants to be an emcee, how do you make the right choice?

Do you hire the person who is high energy and all over the place?

Do you hire the person who is laid back and easy going?
Do you hire your wife’s cousin?


You never hire your wife’s cousin. Well, unless your wife’s cousin is like Will Smith or Dan Akroid then, by all means, hire your wife’s cousin.

I digress. Let’s get this train back on track.

The question, who do you hire as your event emcee is vitally important to the success of your event. So important, I am going to share at the end of this article, who you should hire.

But first…

Let’s cover the three things to look for that will let you know you are potentially about to hire a dud emcee for your event.

Business & Brand Promotion = Bad Event Emcee

I could sum this one up in one word and a hashtag. #Fail

But, if you see that the person you are about to hire is always promoting themselves at other events, it might not be a good fit for your event.


Of course, am not talking about networking. A great emcee is always networking, always part of the crowd, always helping and connecting your audience members.

The type of promotion I am talking about is a branded hat, t-shirt, socks, and or all of the above. When a great emcee is on your stage, you and your audience should have no clue of their business or business brand.

One of the things to listen for before hiring this possible dud emcee is, can I have a slide with my business info on it?

Or, can I send people to my website with a special emcee offer?

Or even, can I wear my branded junk in front of your audience.

No! If you hear things like this turn, run, and Google yourself another emcee option.

Self or Service Promotion = Bad Event Emcee

Getting their next emcee gig from your stage is a no go!

If they are worried or want to use your stage to broadcast that they do emcee services as a service/product, you may be hiring a dud.

A great emcee realizes by killing it on stage, they are silently closing future gigs for themselves without needing to broadcast it.

A trait of a great emcee is the ability to subtle sell vs spamming your audience with their lips.

If you are curious about other traits that make a great emcee, you could check out the article 6 Great Traits to Look for When Hiring an Event Emcee.

If you hear, can I state from the stage that I am a great emcee, look out.

George B Thomas Event Emcee

You may even here, can I do a chair drop with me emcee services. Oh man, please watch out at that point.

If the emcee you are thinking of hiring doesn’t realize before the event that it’s “not all about them”. They sure won’t while they are attempting to rock out your stage.

Empathy Deficient = Bad Event Emcee

Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

If the emcee you are thinking of hiring is empathy deficient then please stop the hiring process quickly.

This is a great event emcee’s superpower.

They have to be able to understand what the audience is feeling in the moment and either amplify or reposition or even reboot their feeling.

An incredible emcee has to easily understand the emotion of the audience in front of them. As well as understand what the next speaker needs emotionally from the audience to be successful. And finally, that emcee has to be able to navigate the audience from where they are to where they need to be.

If your possible emcee doesn’t inherently get that, then you might be hiring a dud.

To be honest, there are so many more ways to diagnose a dud emcee. Make sure you are giving the job of emcee the weight it deserves. It should never be an afterthought. It should never be a “we can just get Jimmy” to do it.

Unless Jimmy is Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, then, by all means, get them to emcee your event.

So, who do you hire?

Keynote Talk George B Thomas

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the ball of fire emcee and the coolly collected emcee. Are they right for your event?


It honestly depends on your event.

However, if and when I am looking for a great emcee I look for the Kamelion. The person that can be a fireball when needed, cool and collected at a moments notice, a person who can become one with the crowd.

When looking for a great emcee, look for the Kameleon who has a ton of empathy and realizes your stage is not a place to promote themselves, their products, their business, or, their emcee services.

Look for the Kameleon who realizes it’s all about the audience, the volunteers, the event, and you as the event leader.

If you focus on those traits and the other you may have read about or will read about next, you will hire a great emcee as well as have an amazing event experience.

If you have questions or need to hire a great emcee for your event, just let me know.

I’m always here to help you make your event be the catalyst it can be in your audiences personal and professional life.

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