December 6, 2018


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Perception: What Do You Do When You Are Ready To Quit?

Perception is a funny thing.

Everyone thinks that you are killing it!

They look from the outside inward and maybe even think to themselves, “man I wish I could be like” that person.

Meanwhile, the person is sitting in their room, on the bus, at their job, wondering, is worth it.

Are they making an impact?

Have they made the right decisions in life?

Is it time to throw in the towel and make a change?

Are they doing enough? Enough of the right thing?

Our Perception vs Others Perception

Our perception of others perception of ourselves is almost always impossible to understand and even more difficult to measure.

Why am I writing about this?

Today I was on a call with a company that was gushing over the amount of content I had been creating.

They were praising me for the brand I’ve built over the last six years.

They and I quote said, “so many people want to do what you are doing but, they can not”.


As I got off the meeting I had to sit back.

You see, I am a guy who always post on social media about positive items.

I’m a guy who tries to motivate those around me.

I’m a guy that does not want any one to fuss over me.

But, I’m also a guy who battles with the enemy inside my own brain.

The guy who doesn’t think he is doing enough.

The guy who on any given day is trying to be the best he can be but feels the worst he has felt.

I’m not sharing this because I want anyone to feel sorry for me. 

I’m saying this because I want everyone to know that anyone can be struggling and we have zero clue.

We pass them by thinking, hey, their killing it, they must be alright.

And yet, they are not.

Heck, you may be reading this and be the person who is not okay.

If so, know your not alone!

So back to my original title…

What Do You Do When Your Ready To Quit?

What do you do when your ready to quit?

For me, it’s actually pretty simple.

You don’t quit.


You keep going.

You put your head down and you get through another minute, hour, or even day.

You realize it may be one day, one week, or one month but, the tide will turn.

For me that tide is speaking professionally on a ton of stages.

Impacting a world that is in need of a message.

A message that helps them elevate their own life.

That helps them continue on past the struggle when they want to quit.

A message that teaches them that the discomfort they feel doesn’t always mean quit.

Sometimes, it simply means they are growing.

You see growing pains and quitting pains feel very much the same but are completely different at the same time.

Are you ready to quit?

Make sure you understand your pain before you make a decision based on your perception of where you are in life.

Or, where others think you are.

Am I killing it?

Not sure.

But, when I figure it out, I’ll let you all know.

For now, this is where I am.

What are your thoughts?

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