October 20, 2018

A Dream, Focus, Hard Work & #SMMW 2019

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A Dream, Focus, Hard Work & #SMMW 2019

The story of SMMW 2019 and George B Thomas Emceeing the main stage.

What happens when you have a dream, you focus on the journey to achieve it, and work really hard?

Oh, and if you work for a company that allows you to chase your dreams like Impulse Creative?

Impulse Creative

In my opinion, you then have the potential to make it to that dream.

Before I dive into this article, let me put out a disclaimer. This post is in no way meant to be a “Look at me”, “See what I did”, “I’m awesome” post.

I mean, I may be slightly awesome but…

This post is meant to inspire people who have a dream to chase and catch their dream. And then, to dream bigger and go for that dream as well.

I want everyone out there to understand that working hard at your goals works! Paying attention to the micro steps throughout your journey is important.

How Did It Start

About few years ago I created a personal and professional goals board.

I set goals for right then, for two years in the future, and some BIG HAIRY goals for the year 2020.

Some of the goals were to meditate, walk daily, write a book, take a summer off for a family vacation, and even keynote Social Media Marketing World or INBOUND.

Every day, I would walk into or out of my office I would see these goals. I would think on them and make micro steps each day towards them.

Beyond The DefaultIn all honesty, some of the goals have been harder to accomplish than others. Let’s take the book for example. I have started it and even have an offer on my site to download the first two chapters.

When they are finished. Yep, they’re not finished yet.
But, I am getting there. On the flip side, some of the goals have been easier to accomplish.
Goals, like meditating and listening to inspirational and motivational daily content, have been a breeze.

Then other goals were future goals. Or so I thought!

Phone Call Changes Perspective

The other day I got an amazing call from Phil Marshon from Social Media Examiner.

The call started out with Phil saying, you want to talk about something epic?

I said, well, it depends what that epic item is.

He explained how he and Michael Stelzner had talked about the main stage for Social Media Marketing World 2019 and how they wanted to make some changes. I think his exact words were something like they wanted to spice things up.

I thought to myself, what does this have to do with me. But, I was excited to be on the phone and waited with anticipation. Finally, Phil said the words…

We would love for you to be the main stage emcee in 2019. What do you think?

It took me all of about two seconds to say yes! I kept it professional but inside my spirit was leaping for joy. Why you might ask. Because of the SMMW journey, I had been on.

How Did I Get There

I think it is important to share how I got to the point that this opportunity would even present itself in my life.

How could a guy like me get asked to be on a stage like that?

I think the best place to start is about two years ago. I was asked to be a Social Media Marketing World room host. This is where you are in charge of a specific room and you get to introduce the speakers in that room.

It’s a lot of mental and physical work getting audiences excited and making sure they are informed. A good amount of standing and walking around the room. If, you are doing it right.

Anyway, I digress.

I had the opportunity to introduce folks like Ann Handley, Mark Schaefer, Marcus Sheridan, Jeff Sieh, Denis Yu, Justin Brown, and so many more.

As I would prepare, I would reach out to the speakers and ask for little tidbits of information as well as research them online. I did this so I could customize the intro.

The intro was the main point of focus for me. As a speaker who has spoken all over the place, I can’t tell you how many time my intro has been far from amazing.

In the room I was in charge of, I knew I wanted the introductions to be top notch and for the audience primed and ready to give their energy to the speaker.

My second focus was on the audience. I needed them to know what they needed to know and to get the most out of their event.

I needed to prepare them to learn the most they could from the speaker that was about to spend 45 minutes educating and entertaining them.

What I didn’t need them to know was anything about me. Sure, I would let them know my name was George B Thomas but from there, I figured they could Google me or look in their event handbook.

Or, we would get a chance to chat at one of the amazing SMMW networking events.

So, you see, focusing on the other speakers, the audience and their needs, and a future goal was brewing a perfect storm to elevate the George B Thomas “value” and therefore the brand.

What Is Next For George B Thomas

Some of you may be thinking, but George being the Emcee is not keynoting #SMMW19.

Your right, it is not. But, it is a step in the right direction.

Will I get to the keynote stage of SMMW or INBOUND? I have no clue.

But, as I journey through this amazing adventure of being a professional speaker, I will continue to focus on adding value to other speakers, and audiences around the globe.

My #SMMW19 Goals

  1. Have fun!
  2. Connect with new friends!
  3. Collaborate with great folks like Tim Schmoyer, Owen Video, Roberto Blake, Nick Nimmin, Sean Cannell, and any others who want to create amazing content while in San Diego California.
  4. Take a ton of selfies with all the amazing people from the amazing Social Media Examiner community.
  5. And, most importantly, help the audience and keynote speakers deliver the most amazing #SMMW19 experience possible.

Want to connect before we get there, then check out my social.

Remember to pack some comfortable shoes, chase your dreams, and see you in sunny San Diego!

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