March 18, 2017


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Your story is important!

Why do we love a good movie?

In my opinion, it’s because of the amazing stories we find within them.

I think of some of my favourite movie stories like:

  • Star Wars
  • Tombstone
  • Dirty Dancing
  • The Fast & The Furious

But I started to wonder, why do we love them?

I came up with two major reasons.

  1. They take us somewhere we normally can’t go.
  2. They open up a floodgate of emotions.

These stories don’t always have to be blockbusters. As a matter of fact, here is a story that took me somewhere and moved me emotionally. It is a video by Dude Be Nice about a police officer named Mitch. (Video Above)

I love this story.

Understanding Your Own Story

We all have our own stories. The funny thing is, most of us either do not pay attention to them or feel that they are insignificant.

This just isn’t true.

I’ve had a ton of things happen in my life. Some good, some bad, some huge and some kinda dull.

At least that was my thoughts.

But, it doesn’t matter what I think about them.

What does matter is what the person across from me thinks as I get the urge to share.

Have you ever had the feeling to share a story but you’re not sure why?

I’ve found that at times when I least expected it, I should be sharing one of my stories.

The only way we can share them, however, is by understanding their power and paying attention to the proper timing.

When these magical stars align, lives are changed.

Wisdom Nuggets In Every Story

I love listening and watching great stories. I always take away great nuggets of wisdom.

You see, sometimes we are so fixed on the storyteller or the story as a whole, that we forget to dive into some of the deeper lessons a story holds.

For instance:

Star Wars. The struggle between good and evil in each person right?

Of course.

But, you will also be able to pull nuggets of wisdom about friendship, purpose, and servanthood.

Dirty Dancing. The ability to find love in the strangest of places.

Yet, you also learn nuggets of wisdom about prejudice, money, and life choices like abortion.

But only if you pay attention and are willing to dig below the surface.

Telling Your Story In The Digital Age

Marcus Sheridan and Frances

In the digital age, there are so many ways to tell our stories. Like me, on this blog. I am telling many of my stories with the written word as well as audio and video.

You might be wondering, “How can I tell my story online?” or  “Will anybody be interested?”

If you make sure you are focused on giving value to the audience, be honest and do you, I am sure the right group of folks will be knocking at your digital door in no time at all.

Here are a couple of great examples of folks I admire who are telling their stories through video.

The Balance: Marcus Sheridan

This one is not listed because Marcus is my boss or because I am in a couple of episodes. It is listed because there are a ton of nuggets of travel, business, and family wisdom.

The Hustle Diaries: Carlos Gil

Carlos is an up-and-coming boss player in the marketing world. He really hit the scene (or at least for me) with the rise of Snapchat. I watch this series from the perspective of “what does the hustle look like when you are trying to get somewhere in life?”

DailyVee: Gary Vaynerchuk

I am sure many of you that are reading this know who Gary is. You also have probably watched an episode or two of DailyVee. I watch this for a couple reasons.

  1. To see what I need to do to try and outwork Gary.
  2. Learn nuggets on speaking, travel, and leadership
  3. Get inspired to push forward with my own journey

You don’t have to tell your story like these guys, but I would urge you to tell it nonetheless. It’s just as important.

DailyVee: Gary Vaynerchuk

Why is it important?

It is simple.

It helps people understand a concept.

It helps people get passed a pain.

It inspires people to push on with what they are trying to achieve.

It gives people stories to tell in the future.

That is the magic right there.

When I heard someone telling my story for the first time, I sat in amazement. You see, by telling your story and allowing people to know and understand who you are, you are making the unscalable (you and your time) scalable.

Imagine, one day when you get the opportunity to see the dots and lines connect of all the lives that you and your stories have changed.

Amazing though, right?

That only happens if you suck it up, ditch the fear, pay attention to your own life, and tell your story.

And hey, who knows, you may be the next Star Wars, Dirty Dancing, or Tombstone in the making.

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