March 19, 2017


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Only you know the answer

This post is going to be a rant post.

Fair warning.

Why am I ranting?

It all started with a Facebook post one of my friends posted.

It only said this.

It’s *almost* funny that I know without fail that every time someone I know but haven’t spoken with in awhile shows up in my inbox, it’ll be to ask me for something. (Almost.)

Now, I usually don’t like to complain. And amazingly either does this friend.

But I jumped into this conversation like a monkey jumps into a pile of bananas.

Why You Should Quit Asking

You have to ask yourself some questions.

When asking someone for something whose best interest is it?

Are you spending your time or theirs?

Does it make the world a better place for you both?

Helpful hint, here are the answers: Yours, Theirs, No!

No, No, No!

I can tell you without fail, that everyone who jumped into this conversation in one way or another said, “I hate that, it is the worst.”

So before you start to type an email, pick up a phone, send them a smoke signal. Get my point?


Instead of asking, take a different approach.

Start Giving

Ask yourself, what can I do for them.

There are a couple of times this mentality has worked in my life.

I don’t share these to boast but to humbly show it simply works.

The first time I think of is when I first met Marcus Sheridan digitally.

I had been listening to his podcast for a long time.

In episode 16 or so I heard him say something about taking his kids to church the next day.

That is important to me as I take my kids to church as well.

I thought it was super cool that he put that out into the world.

So, I emailed him and gave him a compliment.

Notice, I did not ask if he could guest post, look at my site, hook me up with a couple of connections.

I only said, “That ‘s great.”

Since I have worked for The Sales Lion for the past three years, I guess you could say that worked out for me. : )

The second story I think of is when I lead with giving for a couple of large events.

Instead of asking, “Hey, what can you do for me.” I thought, how I could I be of service.


I think I may have to talk about building your personal brand through servanthood here soon.


Twice, I have created app tutorials/reviews. Once for Inbound 2015 & once for SMMW 2016.

Want to know what happened?

They both loved them. As a matter of fact, both people in charge of that portion of the event thanked me several times over.

So what happened next?

I spoke at Inbound 2016. #PrettyCool

I was asked by Social Media Marketing World to create another tutorial/review for this year’s app (2017) and I have even been invited to be a track leader at #SMMW17 as well.

I can point back to so many good things coming back to me when they started from a giving/servant heart vs an asking/expecting one.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk says. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

Gary Vee

Give, Give, Give, Ask

How can you start giving first? So they ask you, “What can we do for you?”

They will ask you. Trust me.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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