Your Starting Line & Journey

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Your Starting Line

Your starting line does not dictate who you are or who you can become. Your starting line doesn’t limit you, and to be honest, the only thing that defines or limits you is you.

Think of it this way; your starting line is simply the beginning of your journey.

It’s a moment in time that you can choose to give power or not provide power. You see, how you use your starting line as a positive motivator or a negative detractor is wholly based on your choice.

And, just because you have viewed your starting line as a negative detractor up unto this point in your life, doesn’t mean it needs to be that way as you move forward in life and journey through this course.

If you had a crazy start to life that you have viewed as something holding you back, remember that the harder the struggle, the more magical the victory through your life transformation.

As I think about my starting line, I realized that for years it held me back.

But it only held me back until I repositioned my view and was able to have a new perspective as well as new expectations of and for myself.

You see, while I grew up with a ton of love in my life, I focused on things like:

Having parents who were divorced. Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Montana.

Parents who worked and school, leaving me many times being alone and learning how to take care of myself.

Being a high school dropout because someone told me I would never amount to anything. Getting divorced after saying to myself that I would never do that! And I could go on and on.

All of these things made me feel small, have a victim mentality, and play by everyone else’s rules for how to live my life. They froze me in time. I wasted the first 25 years of my life until that moment of transformation.

Until I realized how stupid I had been and how it had created limiting beliefs, speaking of limiting beliefs, if you have not read the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendrickson, it is a must-read to help you get past those hurdles of the past.

For me, when I realized many of these perceived negatives were blessings in disguises my future self was unlocked and free to be who I needed to be to become a happy, helpful, humble, human,

As you go through this course, I’ll share some of my stories and where these transformations took place. As well as lessons I have learned that I feel can help you become the best version of yourself moving forward.

Now, I know not everyone looks at the starting line of their life negatively and might even say it was a great starting line.

That’s great, and you should have joy in that fact. You should know that you can achieve just as much success, significance, happiness, whatever it is you are looking to achieve, as the next person and, you don’t need some crazy struggle story to be successful.

Both those who have amazing and horrible starting lines just need to realize it is their story; it is their start; it’s their ability to be who they are today.

It’s the starting line and the journey that you have been on until now that has made you who you are.

As well as who you will and can become through this transformational period in your life.

Your Destination

Once you realize your starting line is just a moment in time. Once you know it is part of your story, you can stop looking back all the time. You can get unstuck and start to focus on your destination.

So many of us spend day after day merely doing and thinking the same things. We seem to be trapped in this Groundhog Day effect.

Unfortunately, because of this loop, we never reach our full potential.

To snap yourself out of the “vision” cycle, you need to set yourself on a course for greatness. Or, at least to be better.

This is where understanding your desired future destination comes into play.

To figure out your destination, you need to pick a place as well as develop the route to follow.

A set of goals should determine your destination. When creating these goals, you will want to think about professional, personal, spiritual, financial, and heck for you; there may even be a couple more like family and or relationships.

Once you have the foundation of your goals, you need to think about your goals in 1, 3, and 5-year goals. My suggestion is to start with the big hairy audacious five-year goal and work your way backward.

Ask yourself if I want to get here in 5 years, what has to happen in 3. If in 3, what has to happen in 1 year.

From there you can think in months, and from months you can thin in days.

Now, in my humble opinion, when you get down to the days, that’s when it gets magical. That’s when you start building habits.

Daily habits or rituals that are built out of this backward look at goals are the lifeblood of you achieving your goals.

Now that you have your goals, your habits, and your rituals in place, you need to do a couple of other things.

First, think of all the potholes that could get in your way. Figure out what they are and how you can remove them or at least navigate around them.

Second, you need to put in a way to measure the length of your journey and the mile markers of success you have reached. Being able to pay attention to those mile markers will help you keep your emotional/motivational gas tank filled along the way.

On a side note, please don’t wait for motivation to strike! You must and I mean must schedule your daily habits and rituals! That way, you don’t leave them to chance. You don’t do them on a whim.

You do them because you realize exactly how far you need to go that day to reach those 1, 3, and 5-year goals.

If you know where you started, and you know where you are, you can pay attention to your trajectory along the way.

Another thing we need to talk about here is habits vs. tactics. Many times people when thinking about habits think tactics instead. For your benefit, realize these are entirely separate yet connected items.

As an example, one of your goals might be to be a published author. That means the tactic is to write a book, but the habit is to simply write every day. Or at the scheduled pace you set, of course.

If you want to get stuck, you’ll stop at tactics. If you want to make your full journey, you’ll dive one level deeper into habits.

A great book to help you dive into habits is Atomic Habits by James Clear. It can teach you how to build fantastic habits as well as break the bad ones. You know, those potholes that get in your way in life.

Take some time right now and come up with your goal foundations. Then come up with where you want to be with each goal in 1, 3, and 5 years. Get your habits and rituals in place and measure who and where you are right now.

Make sure you focus on repositioning your internal stories about your starting line! I hope that you find the articles in this blog useful, and they help you create a life beyond your default. 

If you have questions, just want to chat, or suggest a topic, reach out and let me know.

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