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No More Hubcast for George B Thomas

As I write this article, it is with a heavy heart and a bit of excitement all at the same time. Is that even possible? Before this, I might have said no, but now as I live it, I say “yes, without a doubt.” Let me explain. You see, I have been part of a…

False Evidence Appearing Real

What are you not doing in life that you should be? Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Self, you are doing everything you were meant to do!”. Don’t feel bad if the answer to that question is no. There are so many days I have said no to that question. I feel…

Is Your Growth in What You are Running From?

This morning, I had what might be an epiphany. A realization if you will. A realization of something I used to do in my own life. A way I lived day in and day out. An understanding of what might be holding so many of my friends, family, and other humans on this planet back from…

Don’t Settle ~ Dream Big!

We have one life with a limited amount of time. We should all make sure our mindset is positioned in an understanding of that. Please push yourself in the knowledge that it (life) could end next year, next week, or even tomorrow. Or, you could have another good 40, 50, 60 years. Either way, design…

Setting Your Goals Is Only Half The Story

Hopefully, we have all heard the message that we should set our goals. To be successful, we have to have targets (goals) we are shooting for. Future targets (goals) that show us the direction in which we will be heading. These goals also should be written down, and we should look at them daily. If…

Courage: Do What You Love – Fight Your “A” Off

Do you love what you do? If not, do you have the courage to stop doing what you hate? Better yet, do you have the courage to keep looking for ...

Listening For Inspirational and Motivational Moments

Do you focus on listening to the right things? Over the last 4 to 6 months, I have been challenging my self to listen to very motivation things every morning. Things like this. Because of this, each day I have felt myself stretch further and further in my own belief. This was a strange thought to me.…

I Hated My Voice – But Now (ATR2100)

I bet you didn’t know that I hated my voice? When Marcus Sheridan came to me over 3 years ago with the idea of doing a podcast, I almost jumped out of my skin. You see, I hated my voice. However what I thought was my weakest link became one of my biggest strengths. Now, one…
Beyond The Default

Beyond The Default: The Starting of Something Special

From designer/developer to HubSpot hero and now professional speaker it has been a wild ride. At the time of this article, I have been working in the inbound marketing space for around 5 years. I have traveled an amazing journey and met a ton of great people. Every one of these folks has an amazing…


Life Fact: The most important things in life are always going to be difficult. There is no easy way to anything. You have to put in the work. What once was hard work becomes easier. So you push yourself harder. Then, that becomes easy. And yet, you push yourself again. It is not that success, significance,…
Make me happy


Have you ever “lost” your happy? Sometimes in life, we get tired. We get overwhelmed. We get knocked out. But, are we down for the count? Only time knows how we will react to the things that happen in our life. There are so many times in life when I thought I was down for the…


Punchline: Drama never wins! Have you ever been caught in the middle of a drama-filled scene? One of those times you feel like you are in a movie or someone is punking you. You keep thinking to yourself, Self this cant be real! But it is. Then you think, how far is this going to…


One thing I have learned during my life is that no matter what, it will change. What will change? Everything. Instead of positioning ourselves completely on where we want to be in life, maybe we should work on understanding how to ride “life” with ease. Understanding, no matter where it takes us we can be / will…


I had a conversation the other day that made me stop in my tracks. I was talking about goals and what had been accomplished and what was planned for the future. Then this statement was made by an older person in the conversation. You can have dreams at your age. What did that even mean?…
I Quit


This is going to be a rant post. Fair warning. Why am I ranting? Because of a Facebook post, one of my friends posted. It simply said this.
Tell Your Story


Why do we love a good movie? In my opinion, it's because of the amazing stories we find within them. I think of some of my favorite movie stories like: Star Wars Tombstone Dirty Dancing The Fast & The Furious But I started to wonder, why do we love them?


No really, who do you think you are? Too many times the answer to this question is what other people think you are. In my life, I have thought I was many things.


It is only fitting that the first article on my personal website would be about what makes me, well me. First, this is not the first piece of content I have created. All of my other content lives over at The Sales Lion website. You can easily check it out by heading over to my TSL author archive. I have written tons of article, created many videos, and produced & recorded hundreds of podcasts. So why my personal blog? Why now?

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