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Living a Fantastic Life

It is only fitting that the first article on my personal website would be about what makes me, well me. First, this is not the first piece of content I have …

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Why did I delete my Facebook page? I know that some of you just read that and may think I am crazy. In this article, I explain the main reasons I made the choice to …

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Why did I do this? There are several reasons. The first, is because I can. I don’t mean that in the cocky, egotistical way. I simply mean, over the years …

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Perception is a funny thing. Everyone thinks that you are killing it! They look from the outside inward and maybe even think to themselves, “man I …

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Should we see life as one beginning or a multitude of beginnings? If we have multiple beginnings, does that weaken the strength of the origin story?

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Video Marketing Expertise

Creating great videos is the next step in the inbound marketing evolution. George B. Thomas has all of the tips and tricks from using your smartphone to …

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