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A Fantastic Life - George B Thomas

Living a Fantastic Life

It is only fitting that the first article on my personal website would be about what makes me, well me. First, this is not the first piece of content I have …

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Why did I delete my Facebook page? I know that some of you just read that and may think I am crazy. In this article, I explain the main reasons I made the choice to …

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Why did I do this? There are several reasons. The first, is because I can. I don’t mean that in the cocky, egotistical way. I simply mean, over the years …

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Perception is a funny thing. Everyone thinks that you are killing it! They look from the outside inward and maybe even think to themselves, “man I …

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Should we see life as one beginning or a multitude of beginnings? If we have multiple beginnings, does that weaken the strength of the origin story?

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False Evidence Appearing Real

What are you not doing in life that you should be?

Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Self, you are doing everything you were meant to do!”.

Don’t feel bad if the answer to that question is …

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Dream Big ~ Don’t Settle

We have one life with a limited amount of time. We should all make sure our mindset is positioned in an understanding of that.

Please push yourself in the knowledge that it (life) could end next year, next week, or even tomorrow. Or, you could have another …

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Have you ever “lost” your happy?

Sometimes in life, we get tired. We get overwhelmed. We get knocked out.

But, are we down for the count?

Only time knows how we will react to the things that happen in our life.

There are so many times in life when I thought I was down for the count only to get back up again and a …

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Punchline: Drama never wins! Have you ever been caught in the middle of a drama-filled scene? One of those times you feel like you are in a movie or someone is punking you. You keep thinking to yourself, Self this cant be real! But it is. Then you think, how far is this going to …

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I had a conversation the other day that made me stop in my tracks. I was talking about goals and what had been accomplished and what was planned for the future. Then this statement was made by an older person in the conversation …

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This post is going to be a rant post.

Fair warning.

Why am I ranting?

It all started with a Facebook post one of my friends posted.

It only said this.

It’s *almost* funny that I know without fail that every time someone I know but haven’t spoken with in awhile shows up in my inbox, it’ll be to ask me for something. (Almost.)

Now, I usually don’t like to …

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Why do we love a good movie? In my opinion, it’s because of the amazing stories we find within them. I think of some of my favorite movie stories like Star Wars, Tombstone, Dirty Dancing, The Fast & The Furious. But I started to wonder, why do we …

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Marketing Training


No really, who do you think you are? Too many times the answer to this question is what other people think you are. In my life, I have thought I was many …

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