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Don’t Settle ~ Dream Big!

We have one life with a limited amount of time. We should all make sure our mindset is positioned in an understanding of that.

Please push yourself in the knowledge that it (life) could end next year, next week, or even tomorrow. Or, you could have another good 40, 50, 60 years.

Either way, design and live a life of happiness.

Don't settle!
Reach higher.

Go further.
Push harder.

Keep looking.
Keep moving.

Fail again and again.
Keep trying.

Don't settle!
Don't ever give up.

When you get knocked down.
Don't settle!

When you get tired.
Don't settle!

When you are made fun of.
Don't settle!

When you are in the pit of despair, anger, or, turmoil.
Don't settle!

Learn big.
Think big.
Do big things.
Know big people.
Be big.

Dream big!

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