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False Evidence Appearing Real

What are you not doing in life that you should be?

Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself, "Self, you are doing everything you were meant to do!".

Don't feel bad if the answer to that question is no.

There are so many days I have said no to that question.

I feel by just asking yourself the question; you put yourself ahead of so many others.

I have realized that on most, no scratch that. On almost every single one of those days, it is because of false evidence appearing real.

Those four words are persuasive.

They can kill dreams.

Destroy careers.

Blur your vision for your future.

They are paralyzing.

In their purest form, those words well, they are FEAR.

I have been studying fear for the last several months in an attempt to have less of those days.

I really, really!! ... don't like looking in the mirror and saying no.


A couple of things I have learned that I plan to use moving forward are as follows.

You can only fear the future, you have never been concerned or feared the past.

You see, we only fear what we don't know, not what we have already been through and conquered.

So, what if we looked at the future through lenses of it will be okay.

It's going to work out.

Life is for us not against us.

I think that lessons fears ability to cripple us.

The other thing that I have learned about fear is that the magical opportunities are just on the other side of what I am fearing.

Or, as Will Smith said so beautifully in the video above, the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear.

It's bliss! It's Bliss!

So today, don't be paralyzed.


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