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High School Dropout to HubSpot Hero

A journey of vulnerability, authenticity & education.


Can a high school drop out become a thought leader? Do they have the power and potential to win at this game we call life?

People with massive amounts of education might play the story in their mind that it is highly unlikely. The ones who are the dropouts might immediately fall into the story of not being worthy and tell themselves no way.

Dropouts are destined to live a life of mediocrity. Right?

What story is your audience telling themselves? What story should they believe?

In this talk, George B Thomas will share with your audience not only the falsity of that thinking. But how he himself went from high school drop out to HubSpot marketing Hero.

During this mind shifting talk, George will share how to leveraging vulnerability and your story to power you to press on and push past others. He will show you how embracing your authentic self will make people stand up and take notice. Finally, George brings it home sharing that It's never too late to learn and that we should always be learning.

George even throws in some actionable tips on learning your learning style and figuring out who to follow until you yourself become the leader.

Living A Life Beyond The Default

Rising above the norm, the noise, and the naysayers in life.


How do you rise above the norm, the noise, and the naysayers of life?
Have you ever felt like you were destined for more, for greatness?

However, you feel stuck in the rut of life.
Are you tired of settling for the second-rate life activities? Ready to rise above the norm?

In this talk, George B Thomas uses his powerful life story to give you five mentalities when combined together help you break through the barrier of mediocrity.

George will show you how to silence the noise of the world and your own mind to then map out your success journey.

George also shares with you how he eventually stopped listening to the naysayers and sometimes even himself long enough to reach levels of life he had only previously dreamed of.

If you want to help release your audiences full potential onto the world and show them how to put a dent in their own little piece of the universe then this talk is a must for your event.

Happy, Helpful, Humble. Human

The Lifestyle of an Anomaly


You want to live a life that others consider an anomaly! Good choice but, what is your strategy to achieve that outcome?

Many think that being different, living a life at a higher level, is confusing, difficult, and reserved for the unicorns of life. This couldn't be any further from the truth.

In this talk, George B Thomas shares a simple system to keep you persistent, consistent and focused on what matters to reach that elusive anomaly status.

George shares how focusing on four words, a set of goals and a list of musts took him from an ordinary human to hero and how you can achieve the same.

George shares what you should and could do once you reach that hero status for the people in and on your life's path.

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