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What makes me tick?

Whether or not you have me come in to speak to or train the people in your organization, I still want to help you realize your full potential. See for yourself what makes me tick – and how I show others how to become their better selves. If you like what you see, give me a call, I’d love to talk to you.

George B Thomas


I have a lot of interests and I’ve been blogging about them for years. Many of you have told me you’ve missed many of them. Well, here’s where you can catch up.


I believe videos are one of the best ways to engage, inform and communicate vast amounts of information. Apparently, I’ve had a lot to say. See for yourself.


I love podcasts. Sometimes, I’m the subject. Others, I’m the interviewer. Either way, I welcome you to check them out and learn a thing or two.


As a catalyst to help others become their better selves, I have had the privilege of helping so many remarkable people. See what they have to say.