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7 Video Tactics That Enable Sales To Win More Deals


Do you want to sell in a more human way? Want to understand how video can play a crucial part? In this talk, George B Thomas teaches 7 super tactical video strategies that will enable your sales team to win more deals.

This talk is for the sales professional that realizes everything has changed and wants to get ahead of their competition. It is for the sales professional that wants to work hand-in-hand with their marketing team to close more deals and drive more revenue.

4 Ways to Deliver High-Quality Sales Leads Every Time


Are you tired of sales complaining about your marketing leads? Want to learn an easy way to hear less complaining while providing high quality leads to your sales team? In this talk, George B Thomas will teach you how to leverage what he refers to as the “ Inbound Sales Matrix” to provide high-quality leads that drive revenue and get your sales department to fall in love with you forever.

This session is for the experienced marketer or marketing team that desire to provide leads that are a better fit, close faster, and drive more revenue.

Ten Tricks to Elevate Your Online Presence


While speaking about “Ten Technical Tricks to Elevate Your Online Presence,” I’ll share ten methods I’ve used personally to gain traction online, put myself on the map, and get on my industry’s radar. These little tricks might be simple, but they’re incredibly effective – and will work for any brand out there.

Being Human in a World of Snakes & Sharks


The business world can be a scary place. You’ve got sharks who will stop at nothing to succeed, slippery sneaky snakes, and worst of all, the people whom you should be able to trust who aren’t all that trustworthy in the end. How can you rise above the fray and be a successful business leader in such a nasty world? I’ll let you in on my secrets in “How to be Human in a World of Snakes, Sharks, and Relatives.”

Connecting, Creating, and Caring


In “Connecting, Creating, and Caring,” I’ll speak to your audience about leveraging digital platforms in a courageous way. This is a three-step process that involves first connecting with your target demographic, creating content or resources that engage them, and earnestly caring about their well-being.


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