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Setting Your Goals Is Only Half The Story

Hopefully, we have all heard the message that we should set our goals.

To be successful, we have to have targets (goals) we are shooting for.
Future targets (goals) that show us the direction in which we will be heading.

These goals also should be written down, and we should look at them daily. If we try to keep these goals in your head, they will be forgotten, and we can quickly lose sight of our path.

I didn't write my goals down for a long time but, when I did, it was a game changer.

But, setting our goals is only half the story if you truly want to achieve them.

The same time we set those goals we need to do one other highly important thing that will supercharge our journey to completing the goals we set.

This one thing is talked about far less often when discussing the achieving your goals topic.

What is it?

We all need to raise our standards!

We as humans are good at living the life in which we are comfortable. We all create these lists of things we should do or to do's instead of a list of must do's.


At least for me, should do's are easily changed or forgotten.

However, our must-do list is a psychologically trigger for raising our standards and what is acceptable moving forward.

While achieving our goals, there will be micro steps that if left to be should do's (I should write a blog post, produce a video, go workout, read that book.) then you will never make it to those goals.

But, when they become must do's the journey will be so much faster, more precise and in return easier.

This small mindset shift is what I've used to make the changes in my life and reach those written goals.

Will you do me a favor?

Set your personal and professional goals, raise your standards, and let me know about your success stories in the very near future.

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