Sales & Marketing Training

Training for Understanding. And Results.

I love to teach. Which also means I love to learn. And I’m always learning. Always striving to gather more information, skills and expertise.

Take HubSpot for example. I hold every certification HubSpot offers, 21 in all. Why? Because if I’m going to train people and organizations about HubSpot, I need to know every nuance.

Same thing when it comes to video. I am an expert there, too. So what do you say, are you ready to learn and move to the next level?

Video Training for Sales & Marketing Teams

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Video Training

Every day, over 500 million hours of video is watched on YouTube alone. Even more, video traffic is projected to account for 80% of consumer Internet traffic this year. I’ll get you in the game by helping you create a culture of video through a one-or two-day training workshop. This workshop is for everyone, C-suite to sales, marketing to service professionals. I’ll teach you to use video to simplify the complex, communicate in a more human way and build trust with prospects, leads and customers.

What to Expect

We’ll have a pre-workshop meeting to assess your current video equipment needs, strategies and communication and content creation hurdles. Then, you’ll complete a video assessment to help us identify key areas we need to cover during the workshop. We’ll also audit your video library and your online video hosting communities like YouTube and Vimeo.

Your video workshop is completely customized to your needs, capabilities, budgets and goals. We’ll begin by building a firm foundation, discussing the gear, process, video funnel, and video types available that will help us create the video culture tailored to your organization.

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We’ll dive into the most important aspect of video creation, the preparation, teaching you some valuable video pre-production tactics, strategies and hacks. We’ll then move into the actual video production where you’ll learn the secret sauce that creates compelling videos that engage your target audiences. We’ll teach you about the all-important aspects of post-production, hosting, video SEO, archiving and more. Then we’ll teach you how to be in front of the camera, the skills you need to be comfortable, credible and compelling.

After the workshop, you’ll have four 30-minute video conferences with me designed to help you leverage and retain your workshop learnings. Many organizations choose to capitalize on the momentum the workshop generates by enrolling in additional training consisting of two 30-minute trainings per month.

HubSpot Training for Marketing Teams

Marketing Training

There’s a lot to HubSpot – believe me, I know.  The platform is extensive and it takes a committed investment of time and money to get the most out of it. But when you do, let me tell you, it is more than worth it. I’ll make sure of that.

For many companies, there simply isn’t enough time to go through HubSpot Academy, learn the fundamentals and incorporate the high-level strategies. I’ve taken those lessons and formulated one- and two-day hands-on training workshops designed to accelerate the learning curve from months to hours to help you achieve your inbound marketing goals faster.

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What to Expect

We’ll start with a series of video calls so I can better learn more about you, your organization and your goals. We’ll discuss setting up your office to create the optimal environment for the workshop, the recommended attendees, the agenda and what you need to do to move forward upon completion of the workshop.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub Training Workshops will dive into HubSpot’s best practices, tools, tactics, strategies and techniques – all customized for your business. Then we’ll work on developing a strategic plan, mapping and creating supporting content together. But that’s just the beginning. Your workshop will be followed up by four 30-minute video conferences that will help you work through your next steps, address any questions and ensure continued success using the HubSpot platform.

HubSpot Training for Sales Teams

Sales Training

Sales is about speed and timing. The one- and two-day Hub Implementation Workshops and designed to help you master both. I’ll train your sales teams to become proficient with the HubSpot Sales Hub. The extensive, all-hands-on-deck experience will change the way your sales teams approach sales forever.

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What to Expect

Before your workshop begins, your sales leaders will complete a comprehensive assessment centered around your sales process, team and sales software. We’ll use the results of these assessments to identify any gaps in your sales process. This will establish our starting point.

Your workshop will focus on three fundamental sections: Discovery, Activity and Implementation. The first section, Discovery, dissects your deal stages, lead actions, personas and other sales-related areas to uncover weaknesses in your sales process and diagnose how your sales teams utilize your current sales tools. Then I’ll show you how to leverage HubSpot to overcome those challenges utilizing templates, sequences, tracking, and quality lead identification.

Next, we’ll conduct an interactive activity designed to address problems that plague companies around the world before moving into the Implementation section. This final section will look into how to identify those qualified sales and opportunity leads, and what it means at each stage of the sales funnel. We’ll analyze your SLA between marketing and other sales conversations and optimize your sales process to ensure your sales teams are unified in their actions moving forward. Your workshop will be followed up by four 30-minute video conferences to answer any questions and provide further guidance.