Video Training for Sales & Marketing

Video Training

Every day, over 500 million hours of video is watched on YouTube alone. Even more, video traffic is projected to account for 80% of consumer Internet traffic this year. I’ll get you in the game by helping you create a culture of video through a one-or two-day training workshop. This workshop is for everyone, C-suite to sales, marketing to service professionals. I’ll teach you to use video to simplify the complex, communicate in a more human way and build trust with prospects, leads and customers.

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What to Expect

We’ll have a pre-workshop meeting to assess your current video equipment needs, strategies and communication and content creation hurdles. Then, you’ll complete a video assessment to help us identify key areas we need to cover during the workshop. We’ll also audit your video library and your online video hosting communities like YouTube and Vimeo.

Your video workshop is completely customized to your needs, capabilities, budgets and goals. We’ll begin by building a firm foundation, discussing the gear, process, video funnel, and video types available that will help us create the video culture tailored to your organization.

We’ll dive into the most important aspect of video creation, the preparation, teaching you some valuable video pre-production tactics, strategies and hacks. We’ll then move into the actual video production where you’ll learn the secret sauce that creates compelling videos that engage your target audiences. We’ll teach you about the all-important aspects of post-production, hosting, video SEO, archiving and more. Then we’ll teach you how to be in front of the camera, the skills you need to be comfortable, credible and compelling.

After the workshop, you’ll have four 30-minute video conferences with me designed to help you leverage and retain your workshop learnings. Many organizations choose to capitalize on the momentum the workshop generates by enrolling in additional training consisting of two 30-minute trainings per month.