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Is Your Growth in What You are Running From?

This morning, I had what might be an epiphany.

A realization if you will.

A realization of something I used to do in my own life.

A way I lived day in and day out.

An understanding of what might be holding so many of my friends, family, and other humans on this planet back from their greatness.

Heck, something on any given day is still holding me back.

A time before trying to embraced vulnerability.

Before I began to leveraged forgiveness.

What is it?

Watch this video first!

Then, we will get into what might be stopping the growth you are striving towards.

Most of us wake up, and we think, how can I have a great day.

What we usually mean is how can I make today EASY.

How can I remove all friction?

How can I miss those speedbumps of life?

What if we woke up and said instead, how can I make more difficult.

How can I embrace the pain from the past?

How can I push myself mentally?

How can I place myself in frustrating, difficult, challenging situations?

If we can do the latter, it is a game changer.

How do I think Now?

This is going to sound crazy to most, and I get it.

I do!

I like to learn every day because it is hard.

I like to peel the layers of relationships back because it is uncomfortable.

I love looking deep inside myself and eradicating any historical wounds.


Becuase for me, when life gets difficult, I get excited.

When life gets difficult, I know change is about to happen.

When change happens, I get excited to who I will become on the other side of the pain.

On the other side of the difficulty.

So, are you running from what will make you great?

Are you planning your day in a formula of ease?

Or are you planning the growth adventure of a lifetime a trek through pain?

Growth comes out of discomfort.

I want you to ask yourself today... Am I running from my growth?

Am I running from discomfort?

If the answer is yes, please do a u-turn and lean into the pain and create the best you possible.

Go find joy in the pain. Find growth in the pain. Find joy in the growth.

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