George B Thomas

Inbound & Brand Strategist


The Hubcast: For HubSpotters, By HubSpotters

Have you ever wondered why there are no podcasts  *just* for HubSpotters? Yeah, so have we– which is exactly why we did something about it.

Marcus Sheridan & George Thomas


Inbound Sales & Marketing Speaker


Break-Dancing, Juggle Flaming Torches, & Tightropes

I can’t break-dance, juggle flaming torches, or walk across a tightrope strung between two tall buildings. But I can get on stage and share my marketing expertise with your audience.

No matter if you need a breakout session or a keynote, getting people fired up, educated and ready to take on the world, that is my thing. I’m very passionate about inbound marketing, online education, and helping people be successful in business. Some of the topics I love talking about can be found below. But make no mistake, I am totally down with creating a custom talk specific to your event needs. Oh and just a heads up, I can really break-dance but that is $1.00 extra.

HubSpot Accredited Trainer

No matter if it’s an entire HubSpot Intensive Training Workshop a quick HubSpot, HubSpot CRM tutorial, or deep dive into the strategy that goes with using the HubSpot tool. I have you covered.

What Audiences Are Saying

Personal Growth & Education Is Key

Now back to what I bring to the table. I am HubSpot certified 7 times over. Last time I checked one of about twenty-one people that hold seven certifications. So if you have questions about Inbound, HubSpot, being a VAR, or need something designed in the COS, I am your guy. I have grown to love almost all things HubSpot. Yep, that last statement means there are a couple things I might not like but that is a later conversation.

Want to learn more about George B Thomas, what makes him tick?

That’s pretty darn cool that you clicked into this page to learn more about George B Thomas. I love when people want to get to know me better. Why? Because I am a real human that loves interacting with other real humans. A couple things you will learn about me pretty quick are:

  • I don’t have my nose up in the air
  • I love to laugh a lot (usually at myself)
  • My wife and kids are the most important things in my life
  • I love Inbound, Content, and Social Media Marketing
  • In my spare time I am a podcastaholic (seriously I need help)
  • Last but not least I love to help companies grow

At this point you might be saying that’s nice George but how does any of that help me or my company at all?

Well, I will tell you but first take a look at the best looking kids on the planet ( mine of course )…


Fun Facts About George B Thomas

Another fun fact about me, I like to get a little crazy every now and then, know what I’m saying. So if you see me out and about or at a conference you know it’s about to get crazy up in here! Don’t believe me just check out some of these crazy moments from my life.


The Wife Of My Dreams

The only thing better than working with The Sales Lion team is being married to my awesome wife Kelly. She keeps me stable, normal, and grounded. Have you seen my hair? Imagine if I didn’t have her. (Sheeesh). I would not change one day, one hour or one minute, I have had with her. I thank God every day for her in my life.

Well, folks… that’s about it in a nut shell. See, I am just a normal guy doing what he loves and having fun every day. If you want to get to know me a little bit better then just reach out on your favorite social platform. Or if you see me at a conference just “Holla” and we can do Starbucks. I am always down for a good cup of Java.