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Many companies are still doing old style marketing tactics. The simple fact, they are flushing their marketing money down the toilet. Is this your company? If so, let me help your company be more productive, more profitable, and market and sell like you are dealing with the customers of 2014!

Trust me, this ain’t your grandpas buyers journey.

What Do People Say About Me?

I needed to re-birth my website and contacted George for help. He is highly professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I recommend him without hesitation!

Jeff Kinley

Author, Jeff Kinley

Working with George Thomas has been spectacular. My website went from being somewhat of an embarrassment, to something that opens doors for my company. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend George for your website design & development.

Rob Misheloff

Owner, Smarter finance USA

George is a superb professional and an excellent communicator. He has great depth of understanding business procedures and knows how to get the job done.

Jim Whitmer

Owner, Jim Whitmer Photography

George is such a unique individual. In the marketing space, it is near impossible to find someone that is a thought leader, inbound & content marketing specialist, & has design skills that I would put up against anyone. He has a true passion for what he does. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a true marketing superstar. I would highly recommend you have him speak at your next event.

Sean Farrell

CEO, Quality Data Systems

What Am I Writing About?

How can I ask the right questions with my form fields?

How can I ask the right questions with my form fields?

One of the most crucial and powerful parts of Inbound Marketing is the mighty tool called the form. You build these forms in an effort to gather the information of humans who visit your site.

You think long and hard, about what information you need to gather while building your form. Once you think you have it perfect, you place your awesome form on a landing page and hope for the best. Right? Not really… read more…

Content Marketing vs. Blogging: What’s the Deal?

Content Marketing vs. Blogging: What’s the Deal?

Content marketing is kind of a strange term, isn’t it? With my job sometimes I say, “I am a content strategist”, and when I tell people my that it usually goes something like this, (“What do you do?” “I’m a content strategist.” “Um…what?” “It just means that I create content and stuff.” “OHHHH! COOL!”), I get a lot of blank expressions and questions. Same sort of idea with content marketing. It’s two vague words kinda haphazardly slapped together to make an even vaguer (more vague?) phrase.  read more…

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