Helping You Get The Most Out Of Your HubSpot & Inbound Marketing Strategy!

My mission is to help companies like yours, leverage HubSpot and achieve their inbound marketing goals. Whether you’re a department of one or 25, whether you think you have the technology chops or not, I guarantee you and your team can learn how to leverage HubSpot’s sales & marketing tool to overcome common obstacles and make a real impact on your company’s bottom line.


HubSpot, Marketing & Sales Training

HubSpot Training

HubSpot Training

Are you worried that you are not using your HubSpot software to its full potential? Need to learn more about workflows, keywords, lead scoring, advance contact segmentation and more? Then this training might be a good fit for you.


Inbound Marketing Training

Are you confused by the Inbound Methodology, Buyers Journey or the creation of Buyers Personas? Need to more visitors, leads, and customers, but just don’t get the lead conversion process? Then this training is what you need.


Inbound Sales Training

Dreaming about the good old days of sales? Not sure how to leverage content or assignment selling for your Inbound sales process? Confused why zero moment of truth is important to sales? Never fear, this training will get you up to speed.

What Their Saying

  • Workshop Training

    This event was like opening a can of cold ginger ale while skydiving…

    The HIT workshop was helpful in clarifying how inbound principles specifically apply to our business and processes. It was also helpful in giving us permission to think outside the box and break some of the traditional “rules” so that we can customize our approach to best serve our customers.

    Many of these tweaks were nuances that we easily could have overlooked, but George was skilled at drawing those insights out. The workshop also gave us specific and practical next steps for getting the most out of HubSpot that I’m confident will improve the return we get on our marketing and improve the way we quantify that return.

    Andrew Thomas ~ Workshop Training
  • Marketing Experience

    When I think of George Thomas the first word that come to mind is “Machine.” Why? Because he’s easily one of the most productive workers I’ve ever seen…and he does it with a smile, which makes it even better. With a mix of integrity, talent, and creativity–George is extremely gifted as a marketer, speaker, consultant, and web developer. And as someone who works with George daily, I’ve literally consider myself blessed to have such an opportunity.

    Marcus Sheridan ~ Founder of The Sales Lion
  • Marketing Workshop

    When you think of a team training exercise, you assume it’s a lot of talking, boring PPT slides and too much coffee, George rocked it out, mixing in a good blend of humor, engagement from the group and allowing a few deviations so we could work out our internal details.

    Overall I think the HubSpot Intensive Training workshop was great! The exercises are good, and I would suggest a few more of those.

    Lute Atieh ~ Marketing Workshop
  • Inbound Training

    George Rocked!

    He got right into our muck and helped shovel it all out. Not afraid to do the heavy work. Honestly, it was a great event – we gathered so many homework items we had to have a separate meeting to figure out how to tackle them all. they were not pie int he sky items either – simple quick fixes that will make a big impact.

    Can you say CTA’s instead of images????

    Leslie Jemiolo ~ Inbound Training
  • Inbound Training

    He may have been in colorless Kennesaw in the board room of a company selling light bulbs, but George Thomas’s enthusiasm and dynamo nevertheless shone through. Individual by individual, he taught the five-man marketing team at Regency Lighting how they could leverage HubSpot to generate and convert new business… And how they had been failing to really do so to date.

    Kennesaw. Light bulbs. Marketing automation. But you’d think George was in Vegas before a group of Silicon Valley venture capitalists talking about (insert favorite hobby), because he was unfailingly dynamic and helpful.

    Jules Tompkins ~ Inbound Training

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