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The children (and inbound marketing) are our future.

Approximately 360,000 babies were born today. 360,000! That’s a huge number. And about that many will be born tomorrow, too. And the day after that. And the day after that. And … well, you get the idea.

All these little babies aren’t going to grow up reading newspapers. They’re not going to listen to the radio or comb through the Sunday paper for coupons. You know what they’ll do instead?

They’ll spend tons of time on the internet. They’ll have smartphones. They’ll be on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Vine and whatever new-fangled social platform is created between now and next Thursday. They’ll read blog posts and listen to podcasts and make purchasing decisions based on website design and usability and read more…


When you increase visitors...


you convert more leads...


close more customers...


and create brand evangelists!

Leveraging HubSpot to Reach 100% of Your Company's Potential...

Are you using HubSpot for your marketing efforts? Are you leveraging this powerful software to it’s full potential?
Wondering if HubSpot is a fit for you? No worries, I can help.

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What Is HubSpot


HubSpot Marketing Software

Everyone knows HubSpot as a top marketing software. With tools like sources, campaigns, personas, email, and call to actions, that of course makes complete sense. Your entire team can create & measure all of your marketing efforts in one place.

HubSpot Content Optimization System

HubSpot is also a very robust content management system. With site pages, landing pages, template builder, file manager, SEO optimizer and easy to use design center allowing for functionality add-ons.

HubSpot Services

Are you a brand new HubSpot user? Do you just want to get HubSpot set up and get rolling? Confused on what url’s you should have, where your domain name lives, or what a CNAME is? No problem just simply contact me for an easy and fast set up of your HubSpot portal. Get doing what you want to be doing… Marketing your company!

You may have questions about HubSpot best practices or the Inbound Methodology. I can help. You might even be digging deeper and trying to implement a great inbound marketing strategy with a lot of moving parts. Yep been there done that. If you are a savvy marketer and want workflows, lead scoring, and other advanced marketing tactics added to your portal, your in luck. I have that covered as well. Let’s take your HubSpot portal to the next level no matter where it is now.

If you are tired of your static brochure website then make a change. I can design and develop a new lead generating machine on the HubSpot COS that is sure to take your digital marketing to the next level. Best things about your new site, it will be easily editable by your team, and fully responsive to tablets and mobile devices. Design, Lead Generation, Analytics and Functionality all in one spot. HubSpot!

Design Areas:

  • Email Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Site Pages

Info coming soon…

Info coming soon…

My HubSpot Certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

I actually love getting questions from people. As a matter of fact you do not even have to be a client for me to answer them. I am a strong believer that if you help people be successful you yourself will be successful. So ask away and I will answer.

Another thing you should know when you ask a question… Most likely your answer will be returned in a video. Why? Because I love video, wether it is me talking into the camera explaining a strategy or a video tutorial explaining the HubSpot software. I just love doing it that way. So go ahead ask me anything.

You ask, I answer

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Why do you create so much content on YouTube?

Why is YouTube important to ma and your company as well?

▪ YouTube is the third most visited website and the second largest search engine in the world.
▪ It is the largest video sharing platform in the world.
▪ It has 800 million unique visitors and receives over 4 billion video views each day.
▪ In one minute, YouTube receives 2.8 million views.
▪ It is available on over 350 million mobile devices.
▪ By the year 2014, video is predicted to contribute over 90% of web traffic, rather than plain text.
▪ Great video content can immediately increase web traffic to your site and bring in diversified and naturally built inbound links.

How do I use the HubSpot rich text editor?
How can one person be a content machine?
What is the HubSpot Design Center?

What People Are Saying About Me & What I Do

Working with George Thomas has been spectacular. My website went from being somewhat of an embarrassment, to something that opens doors for my company. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend George for your website design & development. Rob Misheloff

Owner, Smarter finance USA

I needed to re-birth my website and contacted George for help. He is highly professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I recommend him without hesitation! He turned my brochure website, into a lead generating machine.

Jeff Kinley

Author, Jeff Kinley

It is near impossible to find someone that is a thought leader, inbound & content marketing certified, & has crazy design skills to boot. George has a true passion for what he does. I would recommend him to anyone looking for marketing services.

Sean Farrell

CEO, Quality Data Systems

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